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Orthopedic aids for daily living

We are specialists in orthotic products and technical aids. In 2017 we carried out a comprehensive reform of the pharmacy to incorporate this new section, thus creating the current Cubelles Beach Pharmacy - Orthopedics.

We have basic or adapted technical aids to improve people's quality of life:

  • Mobility: wheelchairs, walkers, post-operative shoes, crutches...
  • Rest and prevention: folding rails, protectors, adjustable supports...
  • Sport: knee pads, girdles...
  • Cleaning: toilet lifts, chairs with built-in toilet, folding seats...
  • Help with eating or dressing
  • Rehabilitation: rehabilitation balls, elastic bands...
  • Anti-decubitus products.

What are they for?

These accessories help us correct or avoid certain deformities of the musculoskeletal system, as well as being able to carry out an effective rehabilitation process. In addition, it facilitates activities of daily life for people who have suffered some type of accident or suffer from any ailment.


At the Pharmacy-Orthopedics of Playa de Cubelles we ensure that the patient acquires the accessory or product that best suits their needs, with personalized attention. The use of orthopedic material provides benefits such as helping to prevent injuries, contributing to rehabilitation and alleviating deformities that may occur throughout life.


Whenever a product is purchased at the pharmacy, you will have our help to resolve any case of inconvenience.

CatSalut Financing

The Catalan Health System allows, in certain cases, to finance external prostheses, wheelchairs and orthoses. They must be prescribed by a specialist doctor from the public health network, who will deliver a document called PAO (Orthopedic Article Prescription). Delivering this document correctly filled out and signed, the person will be able to withdraw the item from the pharmacy and will have to pay, if applicable, the corresponding part (according to the approved catalogue). In our blog we have created an entry explaining exactly how the financing of prosthetics and orthotics works and exactly what the PAO is.


We offer the rental service of rodes cadires, electric scooters and crosses. All our products are previously reviewed for their correct operation. So if you are from the Garraf region with the towns close to Cubelles (Cunit, Calafell, Segur de Calafell, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Sitges, Sant Pere de Ribes...) you can find and obtain any of these materials.

Catalogs of orthopedics

We have a great variety of products, all of them of quality. 

From the Pharmacy-Orthopedics of Playa de Cubelles we are waiting for you to advise you on all kinds of orthopedic accessories that you need. Consult with us all the doubts you have about this service, or any other. If you can't get close, you can also get information and buy any orthopedic product online by clicking here.